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ProSanta Solutions is a cloud based software system that manages all of Santa’s seasonal events.

What does it do?

It is a CRM (customer relationship management) system that keeps track of all of your customers, prices charged, booked events past and future in each year, expenses, types of events, emails to customers including pre and post emails, contracts, invoices, W-9’s, background checks, insurance coverage. It contains the ability to send pics, website links, quotes to all potential customers.

How does it work?

As Santa, you sign-up and pay a yearly fee and you are granted access to create your own Santa Profile and then add Customer Profiles for each of your past or future customers. It is simple and thorough. Each year, the system will have new updates to make managing all your Santa events even easier.

How is it organized?

It has a dashboard that keeps track by year of your total visits booked (past and future), total charitable donations, income, expenses, bookings each month, type of visits, number of children seen, past events, future events, yearly income, monthly average income, daily income, hourly average rate, profit/loss. (see example)

What You Get


Leeps track of every Event throughout the calendar year. Prints out daily gigs with details.


Assists you in keeping an eye on your expenses with the traditional business categories which in turn helps with your year-end Taxes.


Has a unique Dashboard that keeps track of dollars, events, types of events, charity gigs, etc.


Allows you to email each and every customer with custom made templates which include pre-booking email, pre-event email, quote emails, post event emails and much more.


Handles communications with your corporate accounts with W-9, insurance, background checks

Your Galleries

Merges, your Santa Gallery of Pics with your email to your customers.

Organization organizes your Santa business for you.


$90.00 per year/ $7.50 per month with yearly improvements.

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